A Cherie is an encaustic painting by Texas artist Sharon Whisnand green, yellow, orange, black art with French stencil Shop original art by Texas artists at artasemotion.com Boerne, San Antonio art gallery with original paintings, photography, and more

A Cherie

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Sharon Whisnand’s encaustic paintings are made with a melted beeswax/damar combination which is maintained at 200-degrees throughout the creative process. The layering and fusing of the wax provides a luminosity unachievable with other mediums and a durability that can last thousands of years. With the addition of elements such as hand-painted papers, old letters, or natural fiber, Sharon’s encaustic pieces are a truly unique treat for the senses.

"A Cherie" measures 24x24 inches and features layers of encaustic colors, mediums, marks, drips, French writing, and hidden treasures such as music notes, asemic writing, and pieces of hand-painted papers: An intriguing painting, always with something new to discover. Sold with the frame shown.

This is a one-of-a-kind, original work of art. No prints or reproductions.

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