Sharon Whisnand Feature - Boerne Lifestyle Magazine

Did you see our very own Sharon Whisnand in this month's issue of Boerne Lifestyle magazine? Here's what she had to say about her art and process:
"I am an intuitive abstract artist and work in three mediums - acrylic, mixed media and encaustic. As an intuitive artist, I begin with no preconceived idea and I play around with lines, asemic writing, areas of color and constantly turn the canvas 45 degrees to work on different areas. By painting this way, I do not become 'wedded' to an idea, but let things evolve in abstract. At some point, after looking at the canvas from all four directions, something starts to take shape for me and I will develop the painting from there, taking things out, adding other things. I often leave a suggestion of footprints or bridges - different ways that connect the parts of the painting.
Mixed media is usually not quite as unstructured. I can add elements to suggest a landscape or strictly use balance and color to create abstract patterns. I use hand-painted papers and other items such as drywall tape, string, gesso, and even strings made from hot glue.
Encaustic paintings are done with a melted beeswax/damar combination maintained at 200 degrees. Encaustic paintings are intriguing because of the layering and fusing of the wax, giving a luminosity unachievable with other mediums. I embed a lot of different elements into encaustic paintings: hand-painted papers, old letters, or any natural fiber."

Congratulations, Sharon! We're so proud to have you on the ArtAsEmotion team!

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